At Ballyellen E.C. it has been said that “we're all about the horses”. We pride ourselves on the relaxed and fun atmosphere in the yard. If it is eventing, hunting or polocrosse or just pleasure riding you're interested in, you will find like minded souls at Ballyellen. We believe our facilities are the best in the area and we are constantly improving.

Our very experienced staff really enjoy this part of the job whether it is re-schooling an older cheeky pony or breaking in a youngster we are patient but firm.

Most people don’t have time to look after all the day to day care involved with horses. So why not let us worry about feeding, haying, mucking out or even turning out your horse so that you can use your time for exercising and grooming and keeping your tack in great condition.

This is becoming increasingly popular. We provide a stable, haylage, tack room turnout and use of all the facilities. You need to provide hard feed, bedding and look after your own mucking out.

The great thing about grass livery at Ballyellen E.C. is that you have full use of the extensive facilities.

We have a strict policy for all livery clients. Prior to any livery being accepted, an in depth registration form must be filled in and signed by both parties as soon as possible.